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Grade A

Grade A 

All items have been graded by our team prior to shipping and we strive to offer only high quality second hand and vintage pieces. Items should be in good, clean wearable condition without significant holes, stains, marks, faults or broken components (i.e. zips). 

Please bear in mind that these are all vintage and second hand used items, so we do have to give allowance for fair wear which we detail further below.


We'll try and only send complete items but from time to time we may sell items with missing components (i.e. detachable hoods, hoodie strings, dress belts etc) if we determine that the item is still wearable without the missing component - we are about sustainability after all!


We are unable to guarantee authenticity on branded items  however our team are experienced and will use their extensive knowledge to try and only provide authentic branded pieces.


It would be unfair to knowingly send out fakes, bootlegs or replicas so rest assured we do remove the vast majority we come across, and any which do slip through are simply sent out in error. 

We are not responsible or liable for any items deemed to be counterfeit by our customers or any other authorised third party, we purchase items in good faith ourselves so it is certainly not our intention to be complicit with the sale and trade of counterfeits. 


With several thousand items checked each week we're unable to undertake extensive research or throughly examine each piece, though any obvious counterfeits will be removed along with anything we're a little dubious of. To prevent waste, these items may be included in our scrap boxes for the material to be repurposed and reused.  

Fair Wear

Fair Wear

All items are second hand and used so we have to give a fair allowance for normal signs of wear. If the flaw is barely noticeable or very minor, we would consider this a fair sign of wear. We will also consider the placement of a flaw, for example a small hole in the lining of an item which isn't visible when worn would be considered fair. 

Unreasonable damage is any flaw which extends beyond the above allowances, for example large holes, dark or larger areas of staining, broken zips or missing buttons that impacts the functionality of a garment.

  • Bobbling or small pulls, snags, & loose threads

  • Very small marks/stains

  • Very small pinholes/rockburns

  • Any other minor flaws which are not visible when the item is worn e.g. damage to a lining.

  • Missing components which don't impact wear e.g. missing detachable hoods, belts etc. 

  • Larger or more prominent holes

  • Larger or darker marks or stains

  • Broken zips

  • Missing buttons which impact the functionality e.g. the front buttons on a shirt

Wolesale Content

Got an issue? Let us know. We deal with all queries and complaints on a case by case basis.

Wholesale Content

You will receive similar types of items as the ones pictured, though these are just examples and you will not receive these exact products. Items will vary based on size, brand, colour, material and style and we can’t guarantee you will receive anything more specific than the type of items listed as available for each box. The quantities of each type of item may vary too when purchasing by weight. 

We do try to remove as many childrens sizes as possible though smaller sized pieces may still be included. Similarly we cant guarantee any particular gender for our products, there may be mens/womens sizes and styles present in any of our boxes, though for clarity shirts are typically male with buttons to the right, any shirt with buttons on the left would be categorised as a blouse. This definition is also applied to items such as coats or jackets if we do specifiy a gender.


Items may contain materials of animal original such as leather, wool or silk (no real fur), if you don't wish to have these products due to ethical reasons please add a note at checkout. 

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