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Handpick at Preloved HQ

Shop to your hearts content at Preloved HQ. Each session grants exclusive access to our warehouse with our maximum price being just £15 per kilo, (inclusive of VAT).

Whether you just want sportswear & shirts or dresses & skirts, you can handpick through our full range at your own pace. 

Each booking requires a £50 deposit with an overall minimum spend of just £300. Appointments available on request.

About Booking

We're open for private appointments at select times throughout the month depending on product availability, please make an enquiry using the form below and we'll get back to you. 

For handpick we generally only offer appointments to those willing to pick a wide variety of items as this ensures we can provide enough product and the minimum spend can be met. We're unlikely to offer handpick if you only want track tops or 1970s pieces for example, though if you'd be open to all forms of sportswear, t-shirts, denim, shirts & jackets we'd have plenty for you to comb through and can schedule you in. If your market is fairly niche or you only want specific products, you'd be best attending an event, visiting our Sheffield shop or browsing the thousands of items listed over at 

Please include a rough idea as to what types of product you'd be interested in, the more information you include the easier it will be for us to work out if we'd be the right wholesaler for you and whether we have any product available to offer an appointment. If you're unsure what we have, you can check out our stock page for an insight as to what we source. Unfortunatly we can't wholesale very specific products, so be sure to include a wide range of items. 

Request Handpick

Thanks! We'll be in touch asap!

Find US

Our address is Unit 3, Penny Hill Lane, South Yorkshire, S66 9BQ, just a short drive from junction 31 on the M1. There's free on-site parking available. 

Public transport access is limited, the nearest train stations are Rotherham, Meadowhall or Sheffield; each being around a 20-30 minute drive away so a taxi is recommended for direct access. 

Minimum Spend

Each session requires a £50 deposit with a minimum overall spend of £300. 

You can pay the remaining balance on the day, we accept cash, card & bank transfer. 

At our rate of £15 per kilo, this is equivalent of around 20kg in total so easily done from the quantities and lines provided. Compared to our event rate of £20 per kilo, this handpick discount nets you an extra 5kg or so for your money...and you don't have to fight for that crucial space at the rails. 

Pick & Post

As part of each booking we're happy to offer our Pick & Post service. Ideal for those with small vehicles or who rely on public transport, we'll package your order up and send it to any UK address via next day courier. 

If your order is picked paid & packed by 1pm it'll be sent out the same day, with full tracking provided so it'll arrive with you the next working day. 

You can send the full order or just a small selection, for hauls 20kg+ the rate is just £20. 

What you can pick

Branded & mens Wholesale

t-shirts & polos
branded shirts

branded jackets
winter coats
tweed jackets

Women's Vintage

mostly 70's - 00's dress (with occasional older pieces)
seasonal skirt & trousers
tailored jackets
light coats
winter coats
faux fur
shoe & boots
satin scarves


leather jackets
denim jackets


Booking terms

  1. The stock provided is sold as seen and non-refundable, please check over everything thoroughly to ensure you're happy before purchase. 

  2. A limited quantity of stock will be allocated for your booking, with extra stock provided to replenish at our discretion. We will provide plenty to ensure you can meet the minimum spend threshold. 

  3. If you need to cancel or reschedule your booking please give us at least 24 hours notice. Requests made within 24 hours of your booking start time will result in the deposit being lost. We're happy to fully refund your deposit if at least 24 hours notice is given, or alternatively we can move it to another day/time with the deposit carried over. 

  4. Each booking requires a minimum spend of £300 (inclusive of deposit). 

  5. Payment is to be made at the end of the session, either by cash, card or bank transfer. All prices are inclusive of VAT.

  6. You should aim to arrive for the start of your slot, there's no need to arrive early. Please let us know if you're running late. If you don't attend or arrive after your slot has ended ended we'll consider this a no-show and you'll lose your deposit.

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